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Students Achievements

The Toppers & Achievers

Km. Syeda Tooba Rasheedi a student of Karamat Husain Muslim Girls’ P.G. College, Lucknow secured 77.3% marks in Medieval and Modern Indian History for which she was awarded three Gold Medals at the Lucknow University Convocation 2014. She was awarded the following Medals – Smt Maheshwari Devi Kali Krishna Chaterji Gold Medal (Awarded to the best Lady student at B.A. III and M.A. Part – II (I to IV Semester). Examination in the Medieval and Modern Indian History Examination 2014), Shrimati Kajal Mukherjee Memorial Gold Medal (Awarded to the best woman student who obtains the highest % of marks in either of the subjects “History and Culture of Asian Peoples“ or “History” among the successful candidate at a B.A. Part – III Examination – 2014) and Shri Sharda Prasad Banerjee Memorial Gold Medal (Awarded for obtaining the highest percentage of marks in Medieval Modern Indian History at the B.A. III Examination of 2014)

Garima (B.A.2009) was awarded three gold medals in History by the University of Lucknow – for being the best lady student of B.A. III and M.A. II in Medieval and Modern Indian History, Exam 2009 ; For obtaining the highest percentage of marks in medieval and Modern Indian History at the B.A. III exam of 2009 , For the best women student who obtained the highest percentage of marks in History among the successful candidates at the B.A. III exam of 2009.

Sandhya Mishra B.Sc. III won a first prize at the Science News Competition, Mumtaz PG College. Lucknow, 10 Dec 2010.

Km. Vidisha Arya (B.A. 2007) won two Gold Medals for obtaining the highest percentage of marks in semester V& VI in Civil Procedure Code, LLB Exam 2010, Lucknow University.

Km. Atiya Saleem (B. Sc. 2008) was awarded two Gold Medals for scoring the over all highest percentage of marks and also for topping among the female students in the M.Sc. final examination of 2010 in Botny, Lucknow University.

Km. Garima (B.A. 2009) was awarded a Gold Medals for obtaining the highest percentage of marks in MPA, Sem I &II, Lucknow University, in the Session 2009-19, among girls.

Shubhra Singh (B.Sc. 2009) A first class students through out, she qualified the CAT 2009, and is now pursuing her MBA. (HR & IR) from IMS, Luck now University.

Inter College Participation

Shaheen B.A. III, Priya Verma and Kirti Mishra of B.A I won prizes at Nari Shiksha Niketan, Lucknow on Nov. 11,2009.

Monika Singh, Sonika Singh and Amita of B.A. II won competitive prizes at Jai Narain P.G. College, Lucknow on Nov. 21,2009.

Nazia Hamid B.A. III, Firdaus Nazeer, B.A. II, Shagufta Akhlaque B.A. III, Darakshan Khatoon and Hina Afreen of B.A. II won laurels at the Mumtaz P.G. College, Lucknow, on Feb 3-5, 2010.

Mahvesh Raza Husainy (B.A. – 1) participated as a player in the 58th UP State Senior Volley Ball Championship 2008-2009. The team ranked 1st in the Championship.

Deepti Srivastava, B.A. 3rd , Kahkashan Farooqui, B.A. 2nd year students won the second prize each while speaking for and against the motion at a debate organized by the Lucknow University “Smaller States are in the Interest of the Union”.

Bebi Shabnam B.A. 1st was awarded the second prize by the UGC Academic Staff College A.M.U. in an All India Essay Writing Competition. This included a cash prize of Rs 1500/-.

At the Lucknow University Athletics Tournament the college team won the following position : - Relay race, 2nd; 100 meters race 2nd; Discus Throw 3rd ; Long Jump 2nd .

The college basketball team was placed second at the Avadh Girls Degree Inter-College Basketball Tournament.

Priyanka of  B.A. 3rd won the second prize for 100 meters shot put at the state level athletic competition in Gorakhpur.

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