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Bachelor of Education (B. ED.) 

Teachers Matter Most 

Napoleon once said “Victory belongs to him who has the most perseverance”. It is a statement that is true today, as when Napoleon had first said it. A small percent of Teachers achieve their full potential and those who do are the one’s who persevere towards their goals despite difficulties because a successful teacher believes in the saying “Never give up” Always have Faith in yourself. 

These are some of the challenges a prospective teacher faces in the B. Ed. Department we prepare our future Teachers to make their life “heaven like” which requires training of a healthy mind, a Pure heart, Active hands, Vibrant feet and a Content soul. The time is short. Therefore LEARN-LEAD AND LEAVE A LEGACY. The foot prints which you leave should not be avoided rather followed. 

The B. Ed. department of the college has been recognized by NCTE ( as a leading institution and it has achieved not only fame but also admiration of the community, which it serves. 

Since Teachers play a pivotal role in all round development of younger generation, the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) program of Karamat Husain Muslim Girls P.G. College, Lucknow affiliated to University of Lucknow ( aims at to develop understanding , knowledge and skills required by practicing teachers for an effective teaching learning process at the Secondary School level.


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